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Many thanks to Patrick Hepf and Oliver Exner for the amazing photos!



Every jerk’s got a rock band, and so do we. Philip Carmichael is an aging opera singer who should probably know better, Niko Hofmann is a computer programmer who probably should’ve taken that job at Apple, Florian Stierstorfer actually gets paid to make music in Munich, and Tommy Glasser would much rather be moving metal and human beings through the air. But when we get together, we teach rock music to your face. We’re influenced by GnR, Weezer, Nirvana, and Schubert, but we’re obviously better than all of them combined. If you’ve forgotten what a good rock band sounds like, come listen to us four imbeciles.

Philip Carmichael: Vocals, guitar
Flo Stierstorfer: Guitar, vocals
Tommy Glässer: Bass
Niko Hofmann: Drums



Flo Stierstorfer

Wreckage Band, all rights reserved